Akwaaba simply means welcome. Ghana is the one mother who has struggled in the past through migration, slavery, internal wars etc. In the present, she defines herself with her horrific past but seeks comfort in her rich culture. She is naturally endowed with beautiful attractions ranging from vegetation, wildlife, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, Rainforest, water bodies, good sunshine all year round, just to mention few. These things, coupled with the beautiful and friendly citizens, make Ghana a unique destination for the historians, adventure seekers, the wanderlusts and sun lust, and culture experiencers.
Citizen Tours provides visitors with all that Ghana has in a very organized manner making the traveller comfortable on the trip.
We have explored the length and breadth of the country and created comprehensive community based, regional based, and cross-regional based packages that gives our clients a reasonably packed itinerary making their trip eventful and memorable.
Travel with Citizen Tours and you will see Ghana, Know Ghana, Smell Ghana, Wear Ghana, and Feel Ghana and fall in love with mother Ghana


Why travel with us

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Comfortable Transport

We provide buses, coaches and vans that fits your tour needs. Your destination and needs will determine the kind of transport that will best fit your needs

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Expert on Tour

Each tour is accompanied by an experienced tour leader.

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Experience More

We offer our travellers an unparallelled range of activities and opportunities to explore each destination.